Essential Care
Each pet adopted from Godbey Creek Canine Rescue, on average, receives more than $500 in services and care. Here is an illustration of what is included with each adoption.

Foster Care
Foster families play an important role in saving the lives of every wonderful dog by providing the basic love and care but also the very important social skills for newcomers. Many of these pets come to us afraid and timid and need time to adapt or may require recovery time from an illness or surgery. We also bring in highly energetic pets who require a caregiver that can match the dog’s energy level. This requires considerably more exercise and time outdoors.

Behavior Rehabilitation
We assess each dog to determine the type of home environment that is the best match for a given pet’s energy level and personality.

Socialization Program
Volunteers spend quality time with our canines and teach them at least several basic commands before they leave for their new, forever homes.

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