Major Factors to consider when searching for a dog

Personality: Does the go show real fear or cower in a corner? Does the dog seem overly aggressive? Does it seem eager to meet everyone visiting with you?

Energy Level: Perhaps you don’t want to take home an exuberant lab puppy if you live in a third floor apartment. If you have small children, a miniature or very young dog might not be sturdy enough to play with active children.

Age: If you lack time or loads of patience, perhaps a young puppy is not for you and you may want to consider an adult dog. Puppies must be crate trained to learn good bathroom habits. Frequent visits outside are imperative when puppies are learning to go outside to eliminate. Puppies tend to chew anything and everything, so you need to have lots of alternate chewing items for them to satisfy their need/interest in chewing. Training of good manners is imperative and can be a test of your patience. There is probably a lot of training you need yourself s a pet owner to train the dog. Patience and consistency are musts!


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